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I'm very interested in cataloghing information and I have been
making maps about events or situations in my life for a while now.
It started over ten years ago when, after selling my mother's house
near London, I felt I needed to make some images to help me remember
the wonderful garden she had created. Since then I have also depicted
'My Italy' and am currently tracking the passage of my life through the
movements of various pieces of furniture and other belongings,
a job which, of course, needs to be constantly updated.
I have recently started doing these maps for other people.

One of the first maps of my mother's garden
Later images on canvas where I immagined myself walking in the garden
One of the pieces from the 'Things Moving' series, furniture travelling around.
Two are currently in a group show in Milan, Palazzo delle Stelline

A present for an American client whose company was celebrating it's 20th birthday. 
Lara's holidays, including her honeymoon, over a period of nine 
years which she commissioned as a birthday present for her husband.
'My Italy' as seen from where I am in Milan

This is so many people's favourite building...

 Belmont was commissioned by a friend for her mother’s 8oth birthday.

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