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Outdoor Housework and the Secret to Well-behaved Knees

There was more of this than I anticipated, housework that is!  

How I made it through the 2 weeks!
And we lent out our chairs every so often too


We've done it!

Two weeks later and the job in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci is
finished. Here are the photos to prove it (-: I can hardly believe
it myself). A huge thank you to Antonietta, Francesca, Davide
and Pietro!! And of course to our sponsor, Marino for the paint.
It was really hard work and really good fun too!
So interesting to get live feedback, meet so many different types
of people and experience the difference between the two halves
of the square too. And today it felt very strange not getting up and
rushing off there but going into the studio instead.

thanks Antonietta for the photos


Come and say hello

More about this later, but yesterday we started
working on the Piazza and got to number 9, which
means we'll probably be there until the middle to end
of next week, so, come and say hello!!
thanks Luca for the photo!


Some of the recipes...

Here's the whole piece which left for its new home
yesterday evening. Now I can't wait to see it there and
experience the (-: lively) Octopus with Potatoes!