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And We Did with Anais Nin

A reflection on the habit of keeping and collecting objects,
particularly rife in my family, inspired by a book called
“Looking in Junk Shops” which my father gave to my mother
for Christmas in 1963. She certainly did. One of her great
pleasures was buying all sorts of bits of china, often chipped
or cracked which she mended and used in her paintings.
A contrasting point of view from Anais Nin serves as a bookmark.


Tapirulan time again

Back on the magic carpet again (more fun than conveyor
belt and much more fun than treadmill!), this time off to
the Garden of Eden of all places! It's hard to believe that
a year has passed. Actually I nearly didn't make it to
number 9 because I've been busy but, luckily I squeezed
in, through the giant box hedge, at about 8.30pm on the
last day - here's mine, showing the empty garden that
everyone has left, while the other 700 or so are here: