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Pupi Solari

I was very excited to be asked to participate in the book
project celebrating Pupi Solari's birthday recently.
Here are the pieces I did, one of the wonderful house and
garden in Liguria and the other showing a dinner party with
all Pupi's favourite food, friends and family!


Last night - business cards went like hot cakes!!

That's good, we can soon print some more!
Thanks so much to all of you who came and to
Orti&Commenda for the organisation and delicious
aperitivo; despite the rain it was a fun evening.
I have also since discovered that the maps
will be up until mid-June, for anyone who didn't
make it last night.

Business card for every occasion - Simonetta Rocco


Viaggiare mangiando 2

Aperitivo next Wednesday at Orti&Commenda
in via Orti, Milan, from 6.00pm - I'm showing some
of my my Saturday maps for La Repubblica - looking
forward to seeing you there! Here's the invitation,
designed by Simonetta Rocco: