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European wine

This is the piece about white grape varieties - I'd like
to do red too, but as there are none in Luxembourg,
it wasn't an immediate priority! And as I was saying before I
mysteriously deleted it, due to an airport strike in Milan, I had
a whole extra day wandering round Luxembourg, walking up to
the modern art gallery MUDAM, as well as a delicious dinner
with Marco, Andrea and Francois, a charming Parisian who was
visiting them for the weekend.

Some pictures of the opening:

Back from Luxembourg where the exhibition went really well!
Thanks to Marco, Andrea, Simonetta, Saverio, Donata, Ivana, Daniele, Vincenza and everyone else who helped make it happen.
Here are some photos, more on the way.



My pictures just left for Luxembourg in 2 huge wooden boxes
and I'm feeling hugely relieved. I think I may even take the afternoon
off, specially as it's my birthday today! My only regret is that I made
such a pig's ear of writing on the big packing case - a classic opportunity
to do a bit of impromptu but interesting lettering but I miscalculated
altogether - never mind, it was eight o'clock in the morning after all.