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Private commisssions

I'm very interested in cataloghing information and I have been
making maps about events or situations in my life for a while now.
It started over ten years ago when, after selling my mother's house
near London, I felt I needed to make some images to help me remember
the wonderful garden she had created. Since then I have also depicted
'My Italy' and am currently tracking the passage of my life through the
movements of various pieces of furniture and other belongings,
a job which, of course, needs to be constantly updated.
I have recently started doing these maps for other people.

One of the first maps of my mother's garden
Later images on canvas where I immagined myself walking in the garden
One of the pieces from the 'Things Moving' series, furniture travelling around.
Two are currently in a group show in Milan, Palazzo delle Stelline

A present for an American client whose company was celebrating it's 20th birthday. 
Lara's holidays, including her honeymoon, over a period of nine 
years which she commissioned as a birthday present for her husband.
'My Italy' as seen from where I am in Milan

This is so many people's favourite building...

 Belmont was commissioned by a friend for her mother’s 8oth birthday.


Hot chestnuts, Bric à brac, and my pictures

For anyone who happens to be in Lunigiana
this Sunday, 28th October, this should be fun.
The place is Filetto di Villafranca.


Giovanna Durì opening tomorrow, Milan

I've always admired Giovanna Durì's work as a graphic designer.
The other day I recieved an invitation to see her drawings, a
beautiful series of old dogs, so sensitively portrayed that some
of them make you feel like crying!


Last night's opening

It was a most enjoyable evening. I'm very lazy about going out
and socialising, but when I do it I usually have a really good time!
I chatted to lots of people I knew and met some for the first time.
At first it was incredibly crowded - in fact a friend of mine left
immediately because it was too much! Later on luckily it thinned
out. Thanks to Pietro for the photos_more on fb.


exhibition opening, tomorrow, thursday 18th october

It's called Metamorphosis of the Traveller...and a couple
of my pieces from the 'Things moving' series have been selected.
This is a series I've been working on for about 4 years now and
I'm quite surprised, and delighted of course, that they were chosen.
They are about places, and objects moving, for now, in my life...
I absolutely love the image that's been used on the invitation
and I'm looking forward to finding out who did it - so
see you tomorrow!

hey look, or maybe, listen!

I started this blog in March of this year because I wanted to put my latest work
online without facing the daunting task of making radical changes to my web site.
A sort of online portfolio. Since then it's become a fairly unmanageable strip
of silent images, kilometres long probably if you could measure it.
So I need to do something about that...
in the meantime I've decided to say something every now and then.
Yes - the first comment is on the way - so do answer me if you feel like it,
or join my 2 loyal followers (-: thank youuuuu) Costanza and Matteo.