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exhibition opening, tomorrow, thursday 18th october

It's called Metamorphosis of the Traveller...and a couple
of my pieces from the 'Things moving' series have been selected.
This is a series I've been working on for about 4 years now and
I'm quite surprised, and delighted of course, that they were chosen.
They are about places, and objects moving, for now, in my life...
I absolutely love the image that's been used on the invitation
and I'm looking forward to finding out who did it - so
see you tomorrow!


  1. Wow , Julia, I love this image too. Let me know how was there, in Milan during the opening and, if you can, share some potos for us.

  2. Yes Marcella, I'll do that.
    I'm sorry you're not going to be there
    tonight, but hope to meet you soon,
    in the flesh!

  3. A most enjoyable evening!
    The swimming costume is by
    Anna Renata Di Buono
    very evocative...
    now back to work, but
    back soon with some photos