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Help I'm lost - Tapirulan exhibition in the Violin Museum, Cremona

"Aiuto mi sono perso" in Italian is worth a visit; it's an exhibition about the
province of Cremona featuring the work of 52 illustrators.
It's on until 18 May, open every day 10.00am - 6.00 pm. Organised by the
Tapirulan Association, it's accompanied by a catalogue
which is also a guide to the province of Cremona, and an extra bonus is
that the exhibition is in the Violin Museum in Cremona
If you can organise to see a concert in the recently opened Auditorium, even better.
A circular stage and curvy shapes have been built into the existing rationalist building
by the architects Arkpabi and the accoustics are meant to be fantastic!
This is my map of the Province, some incredible names here, but not much
help for getting around, so as the organisers say: "Bring a compass or a navigator"

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