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Bathrooms, beef, and bread-and-butter pudding

I’ve spent the last week in the bathroom, (-: apart from a “scappata”
to Asiago for La Repubblica’s map of course) professionally speaking that is.
I’m working on two new jobs and both are about beauty products and
bathrooms. So over the weekend I’ve been having a break, first in Melbourne
Australia on a brilliant blog I recently came across called Let’s Get Fat Together,
I only now wish I lived there and could sample some of the places. I'm not a great
carnivore, but that steak looks so good and the Tataki on a pink salt block makes
me think I may be living in the wrong country...
After that I made a bread-and-butter pudding for the first time in years and thought
of the wonderful homely puddings I used to eat at my grandmother’s in Yorkshire.
After roast or boiled meat and veg. with Yorkshire pudding if it was beef, there was
always a pudding, either rice, semolina or the more exotic tapioca, frogs' spawn to
us. The best part was chipping away at the empty serving dish to eat the last of
the delicious crunchy skin. I seem to remember quite a lot of discussion about
who was going to do this.

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