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Exhibition in Milan, still running!

This exhibition opened in Milan at Orti&Commenda
in via Orti in July and believe it or not it's still running.
Just in case you haven't been along yet, it's a really
pleasant caffè, run by very friendly people and the food,
all organic, is delicious and extremly reasonable.
There's a whole range of my work, prints and originals
the Cial calendar collages as well as some new messy
kitchens - what more can I say...


  1. oh and it's closed on Tuesdays

  2. and as my friend Sabino says,
    "a blog with no comments is
    like a salad with no oil,
    or a no fat salami..."

    I'd L O V E
    to hear your thoughts

  3. "salad with no dressing" better in English
    Wow, 3 comments...
    but they're all mine
    (-: definitely doesn't count)